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Gold Body Health

Ultimate Fitness Set 6-Piece Training Equipment

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6 in 1 Set:

AB Roller with Push-up Bars and Hand Grippers.

Push-up is a test of time and endurance that can be used to compare speed, quantity, and even posture. Push-ups are also the easiest and most effective way to exercise your chest muscles. The use of push-up bars can increase the difficulty of the movement, deepen the stimulation of the chest muscles, and achieve the best exercise results. The handles are more stable and can give the hand a comfortable grip feeling. Sweating during exercise will not affect usage.

More workout in less time: AB roller is more stable and effective for abs carving.
You can get more intense abdominal workouts in less time by using it together with the push-up bars!
The hand gripper is a must-have small equipment for exercise and fitness. It has the characteristics of small size, lightweight and easy to carry. With no restrictions on use, you can exercise at any time.

What's Included
1x AB Roller

1x Knee Pad

2x Push-up Bar

1x Rope

1x Hand Gripper