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Gold Body Health

Nine-function Push-up Board for Explosive Growth

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This push-up board system includes innovative color-coded push-up boards that target specific muscle groups (blue-chest, red-shoulders, yellow-back, and green-triceps).

The sturdy Plug & Press board system allows for multiple angles and positions to burn calories and provide a full-body workout. Use it to maximize upper body definition and core strength.

  • Color-coded handles target distinct muscles (blue: chest; red: shoulders; yellow: back, triceps). Adjustable handles enable varied positions and angles for upper body workouts.
  • Crafted from tough, durable, high-grade ABS plastic and featuring non-slip grips.
  • Builds, tones, and maximizes the chest, shoulders, back, and triceps.
  • Lightweight; easy to assemble, use, and store at home.

Material: ABS Plastic
Panel Size: 59.5x18.3x2cm
Weight: 1.25kg

Package Content:
1x push up board

The Nine-function Push-up Board Bracket for Indoor is an ideal home workout tool. With its nine-in-one design, users can target all major muscle groups quickly and efficiently in one workout. The board's ergonomic design helps improve form for optimal results. Get fit and toned from the comfort of home.